Danniel Beaudet - Leinad Beaudet


At an early age, Daniel Beaudet discovered the infinite possibilities offered by fabrics while roaming through the stores of Saint-Hubert Street, accompanying his grandmother during her shopping sprees. A passion for creation and fashion is born and will never leave him. Driven by a unique and feverish sense of fashion, he'll become the first Quebecois to attend the prestigious Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Three productive years were spent exploring restless and endlessly, all the aspects of the creative process of a garment, a collection, and a body of work. Carried by what he learned, he seizes the opportunity to work in the ateliers of Dries Van Noten and Hilde Frunt. One thing lead to another; his work intertwined with his audacity brought him to Laos, where he fine tuned his "savoir-faire" and tried his hand at the art of the traditional gold thread embroidery (used by Christian Lacroix and Kenzo to name a few) of the former royal family of Luang Prabang. Carried by a refined spirit and imperatives that only a sharp knowledge can bring, Daniel creates his first collection and the blue print of his yet to be born house in the spring of 2013.


 Quebecois to the core and sceptical regarding the "internationalist" speech prevailing in the Canadian fashion industry, Daniel decides to mark his place in the Quebecois' history and landscape. A complex and tortured history, which delights his maliciously, refined mind; a coded landscape, which serves to perfection his taste for "etiquette" and delights his exquisite impertinence. Daniel delves into musings that bring us a delicate edgy universe where fantasy is confronted with rigidity and where creatures strut along, proud, severe, cheeky, liberated and free spirited to offer us a new Quebecois aesthetic identity, deeply audacious and resolutely contemporary.


 With that in mind, Daniel has made it his mission to define the Quebecois aesthetic identity through the creation, production and distribution of fashion products while promoting local production, the characteristics of our cultural specificities and a more responsible consumption. More than a fashion line, Maison Leinad Beaudet offers collections conceived as a progressive wardrobe in line with the "slow wear" philosophy allowing modern women to follow the trends pragmatically and realistically thus inducing the foundation of a long lasting relationship between the consumer and the product.


 An affordable luxury line conceived and produced locally for the contemporary woman rejecting ageism, aimed at women in all their complexity, regardless of their ages.